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We offer professional parts & service

Welcome to Advanced Auto Repair Center  where every customer is treated fairly,  respectively,  professionally and given the best service in Conception Bay South,  Our trained and  experienced mechanics are here to to help you for all your automotive service needs including; brakes,  exhaust work,  full tire service,  batteries,  transmission & motor installations,  oil changes,  tune ups,  diagnostic services,  A/C service,  inspections,  transmission fluid change and much,  much more



We offer premium pads,  shoes,  rotors,  drums and calipers at affordable prices installed professionally and GUARANTEED by Advanced Auto Repair Center! 


We provide A/C service by trained,  certified technicians whether it's recharging,  installing compressors,  condensers or new lines you can count on us to do it RIGHT! 


Hit a pothole? Steering wheel off centered

We now do wheel alignments!

Drop off your vehicle before your tires 

start to wear and cost you $$$$



From repairing exhaust systems to installing mufflers,  resonators,  converters and flex pipes we can help you when your vehicle is becoming noisy! 


Is your vehicle shaking,  sputtering or just giving you poor fuel economy?  Bring your vehicle in to have our professional staff scan it to get it running properly again! 


Constantly needing boosts?  We have a wide variety of batteries with excellent warranties to make sure your car starts on the coldest of days! 

What our customers are saying

  Jason Hollett

1 month ago

Great customer service. Got a flat on the exit ramp. Made it to the garage. They took the time out of their busy schedule to fix me up in the parking lot...

Maria Collins

1 year ago

I would recommend this place , awesome staff they make you feel welcome and it's a decent price.

Tyrone Wheeler

2 years ago

Great customer service.

I went for an oil change, and was there less than 30 minutes,and all for a cost of $39.99 plus tax.

It's a fully.licensed garage, and the owner is a great guy.

 Corey Noftall

Message: Thanks Guys for the quality work that you have done for us over the years. Today's work was above and beyond what's required with safety always in mind..

David C.

9 months ago

Great service...helped me out big time...Got me in right away and got me out of a jam...

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